The company has licence to manufacture the material as per various IS Specifications. The company follows quality policy spelled out by our CMD.

Quality Policy
H.M. Steels Limited is committed to produce high quality products to meet customer requirement and to enhance their satisfaction. This shall be achieved through constant monitoring of customer feedback, continually improving reliability levels of in house processes and identifying opportunities for improvement the company hopes to improve its Brand image through sustained product performance and serving the varied needs of customers.




Quality Objectives:
1. Continual improvement through reduction in complaints/ external rejections to an ideal minimal level measured on the basis of actual complaints received, negative feedback from customers, reports from distributors etc. The actual objective is to reduce it by 5%.

2. Reduction in internal rejection and wastages to a minimal level as measured from the non-conformance data generated through inspection and tests and production. The actual objective is to reduce it by 5%.

3. Involvement of employees through motivation, training and communication.

4. To obtain product performance in terms of product improvement and changing needs through regular interaction with customers.

We have also been awarded ISO Certification and Export House Status. The Company operates on the zero tolerance as far as company's policies are concerned so that we can provide the best quality material and service to the customers.

At HM Steels Ltd. we believe in giving the best quality available in the market by being competitive, dedicated, honest and being open. Total quality control is the integral part of our company. We have a 132 KVA power station supplied and erected by ALSTROM for an uninterrupted and consistent power supply from Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board. The unit has a well equipped laboratory with well trained and responsible team of engineers who continue to improve the efficiency of our industrial processes, which enables us to develop new markets. Continuous training is a priority. Inspection is regularly carried out to ensure proper surface finish, weld, correct diameter, wall thickness, length and weight. Each pipe is subject to hydro testing to check any leakage before galvanizing & threading. Thus, all quality control features enable us to for a better product, which has longer life, strength and protection against rusting and mess free service. With a clear vision and core values we have built a business to prepare pipes for the world of tomorrow.

• To satisfy the customer.
• To meet customers' requirements all the time.
• To implement quality policy through training.
• To involve all the employees in overall development of the Company.